We’re back, even if we never left

The covid-19 saga seemed as if the pause button had been pushed on the entire world, and in many ways it did. People were asked to stay in their homes, school and public buildings closed, and businesses locked their doors with no idea if they’d ever be in a position to re-open them again. Then we were supposed to simply wait and see what happens.

For us at Celtic Careers, and with the thought of our many clients and candidates who needed us – waiting was never going to be an option. While we parted ways with each other physically for the lockdown period, we had work to do and promises to keep, so we kept Celtic Careers going by working remotely from our homes. A new challenge, if we’re being honest, but a challenge we were only happy to undertake.

So when we returned to our shared office space in City West last week, we were happy to experience the first glimmer of normality after a long period of lockdown. Well, relative normality at least.

Our office is now subject to rigorous and thorough safety measures to ensure the safety of our team, clients, and anyone who comes in contact with us. This includes the regular disinfecting and cleaning of all surfaces, improved hand hygiene practices, and maintaining a safe distance between each other as we go about our days.

So it’s not exactly “normal”, but it’s safe, and we’re going to ensure it stays that way until we can all finally put covid-19 behind us for good.

If you’re a business-owner and have any open roles at your company and want to meet some of the most experienced and enthusiastic candidates available, brought to you in a way only Celtic Careers can – then don’t hesitate to contact us at info@celticcareers.com.

The ‘new normal’ might sound daunting, especially for jobseekers and business-owners trying to re-build, but with Celtic Careers on your side – it can be a breeze.

Contact us today and let us help you take those all-important first steps.