Why temping might be the answer for your business

Organisations of all shapes and sizes will require temporary staff at some stage of their development. Be it a sick member of staff; a maternity leave gap or a successful bid on a large contract. There are other cases where temporary workers come in very handy; if you need specialist skills for a specific project, or where a key staff member is seconded to another role and needs someone to take over their core work for the duration of the project.

How it works:

Your partner agency sources suitable candidates by drawing from their database. When the agency has selected the most appropriate candidate, they will ensure this person is available to commence work at a moment’s notice and has sufficient skills to take on the role. In this instance, the agency takes care of the payroll administration.

Why it makes sense:

    1. No strings

You know you will need the extra pairs of hands for the duration of the assignment, but after that you’re not sure you can justify the higher head count. With temporary workers, you don’t make any commitment.

    1. Keep core staff happy

While everyone knows the importance of pulling together for the overall health of the organisation, overloading your core staff could result in burn out. Keep their morale and productivity high by getting in extra help when you need it. Keep the management accountant happy. The staff costs associated with the project are easy to isolate and can be charged to the specific job for accounting and cost control purposes.

    1. Outsource the payroll

With full service recruitment agencies, the extra administrative work associated with new staff becomes your agency’s responsibility which means that your own admin staff are free to focus on their core activities. Your temps are guaranteed to be paid correctly and on time, which is good for loyalty and your reputation.

    1. Trial period

If you were considering taking on permanent staff, you can assess the temp for suitability on the job. The temp gets the opportunity to gauge whether the job and the organisation are right for him or her, should a permanent position become available.

    1. Quick turnaround

Finding the right candidate for a permanent position can take time, and rightly so. Temporary staff, on the other hand, can be sourced relatively quickly having undergone a rigorous screening process. At Celtic Careers, for example, we endeavour to provide confirmation of an available temp within four hours of receiving a request and in the majority of cases, our temp staff start the following day.
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The Protection of Employees (Temporary Agency Work) Act 2012 outlines the rights of temporary workers.