Productivity Hacks #3

We’re back with some more game-changing productivity hacks to help you flourish under the working conditions of ‘the new normal’.

Have you been tackling your day-to-day work from home? Are you sitting in a mostly-empty office? However way you’re working right now, we understand how important it is to remain at your very best, even if that means employing some life hacks along the way.


 Qualify your tasks via this simple important/urgent matrix. Take a look at these examples:

Important + Urgent (Tomorrow’s deadline, Zoom Meeting at 10am)

Important + Not Urgent (Going to the gym, a project that’s one month away)

Not Important + Urgent (Sharing story on Instagram, returning phone call)

Not Important + Not Urgent (Watching the video of the cat)

By simply dividing up your daily tasks into this matrix, you’ll see your productivity soar.

 Keep notes of everything

It may sound a bit elementary, but taking more notes might just be the best thing to keep you and your memory on track. You’d be surprised by how many smaller details fall under the cracks, and taking notes means spending less time asking questions on the phone or via e-mail.

 Natural light is your friend

 Working by natural light can work wonders for your productivity as it’s not only proven to be better for your eyes, but working by natural light also allows you to sleep better at night. This increase in the quality of your sleep will prove massively beneficial to your mental health and productivity.

 Create urgent deadlines

 Remember our important/urgent matrix? Well, you should, it’s right there.

Well one of the tricks to getting more done is quite simply to create urgency around more tasks. We’re not telling you to put yourself under immense pressure, but think of it like this; human beings will generally complete tasks in the time allotted to them. If a deadline is three weeks away, it will take three weeks to complete the project. If a deadline is by 5 o’clock today, the project will be completed by 5 o’clock that day.

If you have a deadline coming up in three weeks, why not aim to complete the tasks, or at least some of the smaller tasks involved, a little earlier than scheduled?

We always rise to meet urgency, and that’s the key to this kind of hack.


We hope our productivity hacks are helping you through this unusual time, and perhaps, when everything has returned to normal, you’ll keep on applying them.

Look out for our next batch of productivity hacks on the way soon!