Productivity Hacks #1

There’s a lot on peoples’ minds right now, and staying productive might not be at the top of everyone’s list, understandably, but for many it is posing a serious challenge to the way they work.

All of the distractions of home are mingling with the daily news and the general anxiety around the current pandemic, and that can make it very difficult to get anything done indeed. And while nobody is asking you to take on your usual tasks with almost superhuman haste and ability – there are still ways you can combat the #stayathome blues and stay productive.

Have a dedicated work space
Everyone loves their comfy spot at home, but that very same comfy spot can become a kind of productivity quicksand if you sink into it to try and get something done. Take yourself out of your comfort zone, preferably sitting upright, at a makeshift desk for the remainder of the lockdown. As close to your office desk as possible, if at all.

Keep a daily routine
This whole situation can feel as if you’re losing control of your life, but that simply isn’t true. From a productivity and mental health standpoint, keeping a daily routine sacred is one of the very best moves you can make. It gives you control over your immediate space and gives you the room to complete your tasks. If you usually start work at 9.00am and finish up at 5.00pm, then that should be a good indicator as to when you should be getting out of bed and when you should be clocking out for some much-needed rest.

Get dressed for work
One of our favourite life hacks. It may be tempting to liaise with clients all day in your pyjamas, but this plays havoc on your ‘get-up-and-go’. Get dressed in your usual work clothes and start the day as if you would any other day and you might find yourself easily slipping back into the swing of things.

Put your purpose on paper
We can’t stress enough how powerful it is to start your day the right way, and a particularly helpful productivity hack we’ve found is just that – powerful, but simple. Before you get down to brass tacks, take the time to sit down and write your daily purpose or goal on a sheet of paper. Meditate on this for a moment and let the goal settle in your mind. This, in itself, is highly motivating.

Take breaks
We say it often, but it can’t be stressed enough – make sure you take breaks throughout your day. Remember, you are not expected to maintain maximum productivity levels during this lockdown. Many people will struggle with the mental health implications of this global event, and looking after yourself during this period takes priority over everything else.


And that’s it for now, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of our productivity hacks that will be sure to help you keep the wheels spinning during the lockdown.

Thanks for reading!