How to support your local businesses from home

The far-reaching effects of covid-19 are touching our lives in every conceivable way, from our personal health to global economics, and no one is getting off unscathed – especially small businesses.

While larger corporations have pumped millions, perhaps billions, into preparing for their longevity and survival, the same obviously can’t be said for those local businesses who struggle and yet mean so much to our communities.

No company was built to last something as unpredictable as covid-19, though some are much better off than others. That’s why, as we stand together with our communities, we should stand together to support our local businesses. This should be as fundamental as helping a neighbour or a loved one, and it doesn’t take very much effort – just some thought.

Buy From Them

It’s as simple as that. Many of your local businesses will be struggling financially due to drops in business, and they need you to buy their products and services just so they can hope to re-open their doors when the covid-19 lockdown has ended.

Your local businesses might even be offering special discounts or deals to encourage you to buy, so it can only be a win-win situation.

And don’t forget, your local businesses might offer you the option to purchase their products or services online, which is the safest and easiest way to shop in today’s climate.

Buy Gift Cards and Vouchers

While some businesses are forced to cease trading entirely throughout the course of the lockdown, that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy from them in the form of gift cards or vouchers to be used when they finally open their doors again.

Think of it as a treat for yourself sometime in the future.

Order Takeaway

You may not be able to take a seat and wine and dine the night away for a while, but you can still make the most of your lockdown by ordering a takeaway from your local restaurants and enjoying it at home.

Restaurants will be hit particularly badly by covid-19, and many have reconfigured their business strategies to include offering takeaway with hygiene and safety measures in place. So put down the frying pan and why not order up a storm tonight?

Spread the Word

Be it via social media or by word of mouth, some kind words can help a business truly flourish, and the best advertising often comes from one customer to another.

Why not write a social media post about a product you just bought or a service you availed of? Tell the world about it and recommend the business to your friends, family, and everyone else out there watching on the Twtitterverse etc. Don’t forget to tag them or leave a contact link in your post – just in case they don’t have a page yet.


We hope you’re all doing your best to look after yourself and each other during this sometimes frightening pandemic. We’d like to remind our clients and candidates that, while we’re working differently, we are still working to help you achieve your goals and you can still contact us if you have any queries. Covid-19 won’t be around forever, and we’re here to help you stay on track when it’s over.