How to make a lasting impression during your interview

We’ve talked at length about how you should posture yourself during a job interview, but what about some ways to leave a lasting impression? 

Your interview starts the moment you walk through the door, so remember that everything you do from there will be taken into account when your potential employer is considering you for the role. 

1.      Be on your best behaviour from the beginning. 

Arriving early (but not too early) is important, but how you posture yourself as you walk through the door is equally, if not more, important.  

Make sure to leave yourself time to unwind and check your appearance before you walk into the building, and when you do arrive – make sure to be cordial to everyone you meet. They could be your future colleagues.   

2.      Give the perfect handshake. 

While it’s not so advisable to go around giving handshakes at this present moment in time, it does help to know the ins and outs of a good handshake. 

  • Stand up to greet the person. Never remain seated. 
  • Maintain eye contact throughout handshake 
  • Smile comfortably. 
  • Squeeze the hand firmly but not aggressively so.  

3.      Dress appropriately. 

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – attire matters. However, it isn’t appropriate to overdress or underdress for your interview. So where is the happy middle ground?  

Unfortunately, that’s going to depend on the company you’re applying for. A good way to make an impression very early on is to ask the person who books your interview, “how should I dress?”. It’s a great way to show you’re taking it seriously. 

4.       Keep cool. 

This may sound vague, but let us explain. Many people don’t understand that their body language speaks volumes of them, and it’s important to make sure that you’re not communicating nervous energy or uncaring aloofness either. 

Make sure to avoid slouching in your chair or crossing your arms. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer, and be conscious of the speed with which you are speaking.  

Just try to keep your cool and avoid any negative body language. 


Have you got a big job interview coming up? We hope this blog helps you make a good and lasting impression!