How to Add USP Flare to your Job Spec

We’ve spoken at length before as to why it’s so important to communicate your corporate culture to candidates, but how can you achieve this before you’ve even met them?

Your job spec isn’t just about narrowing down the hiring process, it’s also a valuable opportunity to outline your company’s goals, ethos, and culture – which in turn will hopefully attract candidates who share those same characteristics.

So, first you must identify your Unique Selling Point, that thing that separates you from the rest, and then you have to put it down on the page.

Let’s run through some examples of how you can achieve this:

Highlight your goals

We’ll preface by saying that it’s important you keep your goals quite brief but hard-hitting. Think of it as an elevator pitch on a page.

At Celtic Careers, we’re all about helping people find jobs that they love. Why? Because we want people to enjoy their work as much as we do ours.

Highlight your ethos

Ask yourself, what is one of the defining characteristics of your company?

We believe that the hiring process shouldn’t be so 2-dimensional. Our 360° process allows us to better understand your corporate culture so we can bring you candidates who we know will fit in.

Talk about your culture

Now ask yourself, WHO is your company, and how do they contribute to the overarching culture that drives your company forward?

Each member of Celtic Careers comes with a different background and area of specialities, but we’re all committed to ensuring that every candidate that we meet is given the best opportunity available.


We hope this blog post has given you some inspiration to add your USP to your job spec, and we hope it helps you attract like-minded candidates.