Having fun with the family at home

Work and life are much harder to balance when both are very suddenly taking place in the same living room. Covid-19 has given us an opportunity to spend quality time with our families, but it has also posed challenges in the form of defining our own space and knowing when to retreat for some quiet time.

You may also be running out of Netflix shows to binge. We understand that too.

Keeping your family (and yourself) occupied is a challenge in and of itself, especially when your definitions of fun are different, but there are still some tried and true ways to keep everyone happy and, thus, living happily together.

  1. Rediscover your love of games

Crack out the Monopoly board and prepare to argue with the entire family for a few hours. It’s an old school solution to a very new problem, but board games are a surefire way to keep everyone playing together, and may even be a great team-building exercise for your younger ones.

  1. Include them in your daily activities

If your daily routine consists of exercise, yoga, walking, gardening, or anything that can be beneficial to one’s growth – why not include your family in it? Get your spouse or partner exercising along with you on their own yoga mat, or teach your little ones the fundaments of gardening.

  1. Ask to be included in theirs

This newfound time on your hands can be a valuable asset, especially now that you have the time to really get to know your family like you never have before. Ask to join in on their daily activities and hobbies. Let them talk you through their favourite things to do, and give it a go for yourself.

You may find yourself enjoying online video games or taking up cycling again. Let your family take the lead.

  1. Learn together

 Everyone appears to be trying their hands at baking during covid-19, which is a great iea. But why not make it even more special by including your family? Learn how to bake, learn how to paint, take up exercising, or even learn a language. The possibilities are endless, and learning together means you’ll learn faster.

  1. Get creative

Whether it’s arts and crafts or writing a poem or short story, why not get the whole family involved by asking everyone to express themselves through their chosen creative medium? Set a theme such as ‘summer time’ or ‘fun with the family’ and see what everyone comes up with.

But the most important part of spending time with your family right now is that you create these new traditions and continue to explore them, even when the lockdown is over. This is your opportunity to enjoy your lives together and bond like never before, and that may be the buried treasure in an otherwise strange and uncertain situation.