Recruitment Process

Our recruitment service is a 360° process. We like to visit your place of work, talk to your hiring managers, get a sense of the culture and understand your goals and objectives. This helps us gain a strong understanding of the job description and the talent required to fill the opportunity.


  1. Agree Job Specification

We use your job specification, covering your role requirements, essential duties and qualifications as well as incorporating your business industry, company culture, seniority and ethos in order to attract top talent who not only fit your business but will also love your job.

  1. Identify Candidates

Using advertisement, talent searching and our large database of readily available candidates we identify key applicants who match your needs. All candidate sourcing is supported by a dedicated Talent Resourcer and advanced Boolean Search Master ensuring the greatest talent available is found.

  1. Screen and Assess

Each candidate is interviewed both by telephone and face to face as a part of the screening and assessment process. Interviews entail an in-depth look at candidates’ personality, experience and qualifications to match up with your specifications as well the aims and expectations of each candidate to make sure they will love your job.

  1. CV Presentation

We believe in quality, not quantity. We only present you with CV’s we believe fit your job.

  1. Interview Preparation

We mediate all communications and consult with you to arrange the best time, day and location. We can also guide you on how get the most from your interview.

  1. Interview Feedback.

This is such an important stage of the process. Interview feedback from both client and candidate help us to gauge the level of match, provide insights of both your needs and the candidates, as well as prepare for the next steps.

  1. Reference Checking

We can assist our clients to gather references for their chosen candidate.

  1. Salary Negotiation

We mediate a favourable package for both parties or we can take a step back during salary negotiations if desired.

  1. Job Offer & Contract

A job offer and contract of employment is agreed to confirm a placement. We will continue to check in, with you and the candidate, as a part of our post placement process.

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