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Naseem Nolan
Recruitment Consultant


Coming from an In-House recruitment position, Naseem joined Celtic Careers in July 2019. She recruits Sales & Marketing staff for many of our key clients. Skilled in languages, with a diverse background in recruitment, events management and the hospitality industry, Naseem brings an array of knowledge to her role here in Celtic Careers. Naseem believes that one of the most integral elements of matching a candidate to a client is to ensure the correct culture fit, which leads to greater long-term job satisfaction. Naseem is a people-person and brings a person-centred focus to each role she works on.

Naseem is responsible for recruiting Sales & Marketing & Customer Service staff. Liaising primarily with hiring managers, Naseem identifies, screens and supports candidates through the selection and onboarding process.

Training & Qualifications

BA Hons Degree in Modern Languages from UCD

Personal Life

Naseem is passionate about music and spent many years studying violin and voice at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. She continues to play and perform.

She is also a keen equestrian enthusiast and trains weekly.

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