Celtic Careers Temporary Candidate of the Quarter is….

Celtic Careers Temporary Candidate of the Quarter is….

Celtic Careers is delighted to announce Sharon Gaffney as our Temporary Candidate of the Quarter for Q1, 2018. Since joining the Celtic Careers Temping team, Sharon been highly professional, reliable and flexible.  Over the last three months, Sharon has gone above and beyond and is a fantastic representative of Celtic Careers.  Although there are a number of exceptional Temporary Candidates on our books, Sharon stood out this quarter for her continuous can do attitude and willingness to accept work at short notice. Having approached our clients for feedback on Sharon’s performance, they confirmed Sharon as the worthy winner of this quarters award.

“Sharon has fit into the team really well here – she is committed and goes above and beyond with her efforts to complete what can be time consuming work.  She has gotten to grips with our policies, procedures and processes quickly – which is exactly what we needed here with time being of the essence.  Great thanks to Sharon for all her hard work”

Joni Harding – Swim Ireland


Sandra and Deirdre were delighted to present Sharon with the Celtic Careers Temp Candidate of the Quarter Certificate, along with gifts and goodies from our full team.

The Celtic Careers team are always on the lookout for talented temporary staff for assignments across a wide range of industries and sectors in Ireland. Whether you are waiting to find that perfect permanent job, love flexibility and change, or you need to gain more experience – Temping could be for you!

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