Biz Expo 2019 – My Key Takeaways

Talk no. 1

Éadaoin Curtin – Owner of Firechild Photography

Stand out Success: Using Your Visual Brand to Make an Instant Impact.

Key Takeaway: You have something no one else has. Use what you have to your benefit. It’s not narcissistic to have your photos taken, you are the face of your business. Let your personality shine through. Let your uniqueness set you apart.

Talk no. 2

Camille Donegan – General Manager and Producer at Virtual Reality Ireland

VR/ AR for business

Key Takeaway: VR is a value-added item for business. It is considered a ‘doing’ part of learning which is more effective than watching a training video. You embody the trainer and thus you become the expert.

Talk no. 3

Graham Doyle – Deputy Commissioner and Head of Communications with the Data Protection Commission. 

GDPR – One Year On

Key Takeaway: Get back to basics regarding transparency & accountability. Tell customers/clients why you need the information you are asking for, what it will be used for and how long you will be retaining it for.

Talk no. 4

Joanne Hession – Founder of LIFT


Key Takeaway: Great leaders truly value their staff. These are proven statistics. Staff work harder and are happier working for a leader who really cares about them and values them.

Talk no. 5

Michelle Duffy Rudden – Founder of Breffni Digital

Instagram Marketing

Key Takeaway: Content containing people is key to engagement. It’s back to personal engagement. Engage your audience on a personal level and you will draw people in.

Talk no. 6

Eimer Duffy – Founder of FIT Social Media

Facebook Business Page- How Optimised is Yours?

Key Takeaway – Go through your Facebook business page with a fine tooth comb – by doing this you will ensure you are optimising your page. Fill in all areas and keep them updated. In addition, have your cover photo be personal instead of your logo– this will increase engagement.