An empowering Day at the Talent Summit

Standing Up For What You Believe in – Talent Summit 2019

Our Managing Director, Deirdre Moore and General Manager, Sandra Costello were yesterday honoured and delighted to attend the much anticipated Talent Summit at the Convention Centre in Dublin City.  Amongst an array of fantastic speakers featured social activist, Monika Lewinsky who was one of the keynote speakers with her talk on “Resilience and Human Compassion in the Digital Age”.

The woman who needs no introduction gained much-desired and much deserved respect when she broke her almost 2-decade long silence and spoke openly in a TED Talk in 2015 about her ordeal and the hell she suffered at the hands of the media after her regretful affair with president Bill Clinton in 1998. In this inspiring and admirable talk, Ms Lewinsky shares the not too desired fact that since the infamous affair at the tender age of 22, she has been the butt of many a joke and paraded through newspapers, magazines, chat shows and has featured in over 40 rap songs where is was degraded for her young and foolish decision.

Check out the 20-minute video below for an insight into the formation of  Ms. Lewinsky’s advocacy to stop ‘Cyber Bullying’

Monika Lewinsky – Ted Talk


The second keynote speaker was Margaret Heffernan, an English entrepreneur and CEO. Margaret is also a lecturer at the School of Management of the University of Bath.

Ms. Heffernan is the author of five books which explore for the most part business and effective leadership. She also teaches entrepreneurship and mentors executives as part of a leadership development company. What an impressive speaker to have at the event.  Margaret is a spokesperson for compassion in the workplace and an advocate for leaving the damaging hierarchy in businesses aside to taking a look at each individual’s needs and empowering people in the workplace. 


Margaret Heffernan – Ted Talk


For a full list of speakers, see the Talent Summit Website  –https://www.talentsummit.ie/

“Fabulous day that was interesting, inspiring and fascinating all at the same time. Impressive speakers in particular Margaret Heffernan, Neil Gibson and Monika Lewinsky. Congratulations to Sigmar for organising such a polished and worthwhile conference.” – Sandra Costello, General Manager – Celtic Careers