10 X 10 Team Building Fun at Celtic Careers – Jenga with a Twist!

jenga team building game

Recruiter Marie, in the background, sitting pretty and enjoying the tension and pressure Sara is under trying not to knock the tower down


Jenga with a Twist!

The game of Jenga first originated in the 1980s by a lady called Leslie Scott, a British game board designer and author. For 80s and 90s kids it’s a familiar favourite. It has the simplified panic of the game of snap with the nervous tension of a mini structure collapse. We decided to make it a little more challenging for our team building game by adding numbers 1 – 54 on the bricks. We then made up 5 different categories of questions all numbered 1 – 54 also. So when someone picks a brick, they then choose a category and they must answer whatever number question is on the brick they chose. Here’s a quick rundown of the instructions and rules.

How to Play

1) Pick a brick from anywhere on the stack and carefully pull it out.
2) Have a look under the brick for a number from 1 – 54.
3) Pick a category from 1 – 5. Whatever number is on your chosen brick, you will answer that question in your chosen category for one point.
4) Place the brick on top of the stack to continue building the tower up.
5) Knocking the tower results in minus 3 points but if you have built up your points in questions, you could still be in with a chance to win!


1) You can only use one hand to pull out a brick and restack it.
2) You must take one block on a turn from any level of the tower (except the one below an incomplete top level).
3) The game ends when the tower falls — completely or if any block falls from the tower (other than the block a player moves on a turn).

Jenga as a Team Building Game and for at Home 

In our techno-addicted generation, the prevalence of the importance of fitting in as much ‘no screen time’ as possible is coming to the fore more and more.
Jenga is the perfect game to play with colleagues, friends or family. Here are some of the benefits and fun factors of the game to give you a push to put away the tablets, phones, laptops etc and have some interactive fun.

Suitable for all Ages –  From 5 – 105, this game is simple to play and anyone can enjoy it. This is also an extra incentive for young and old to play together.

Inexpensive – We got the game for only €11.99 from Smyths Toy Store in Blanchardstown in Dublin.

Bigger Version! – I personally cannot wait to get my hands on the newer bigger version of the game. Giant Jenga looks like twice the fun and panic. It’s on my letter to Santa.

Add Questions – I first spotted the questions on the bricks idea at a bar in Dunlin city a few weeks ago when out with friends. There were personal questions like ‘When was your first kiss?’ and ‘Did you ever have a near death experience?’ This added an extra dimension to the game and as you can guess, a lot of laughs.

Teams – To make it extra competitive and if you are in a bigger group, it’s a good idea to divide the group into teams so that the gameplay of each person has an extra pressure and competitive edge to it.

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Our client manager, Sara making a fatal error in her round of Jenga!