10 X 10 Team Building Fun at Celtic Careers – Sell Ice to the Eskimos

Sell Sell Sell

If you were watching BBC’s Apprentice last night, you would have seen just how difficult it is to enthusiastically sell a randomly selected product that you might not know much about or have much faith in.
Some charcoal teeth-whitening paste, an electric scrubber and a pair of diamond earrings worth almost three thousand pounds. Put four amateurs in front of a camera trying desperately to sell these products and you’ve got yourself some very cringe-worthy TV!

Selling may well be the second oldest occupation. As far back as 5000 BC, ancient civilisations had already started using precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze as a form of currency.
Over the next few thousand years, we have seen advertisers and salespeople use every trick in the book to create a need in us impressionable consumers to buy their product or service.

Our Game this week – ‘Sell Ice to the Eskimos’

So when we put our talented recruiters to the test this week, we got some very entertaining and interesting pitches. Our team were presented with a pile of office objects. Everything from staplers to paperclips and tissues to hand cream.
The aim of the game is to use your selling skills to endorse the ‘product’ to the rest of the team. The other team members then score the seller out of 10 and the highest scoring salesperson wins!

The Benefits of this Week’s Activity

Besides practising the skill of selling which is certainly a talent that comes in useful for a recruiter, this activity also builds morale and encourages creative thinking. The praise and constructive criticism from other team members was also a great way for the team to bond. Above all, this activity gave team members a chance to step outside the sometimes stressful tasks of the day and take an enjoyable breather and chance to have fun with colleagues.
We would highly recommend this game to any office size or type!
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Check out our recruiter Gemma attempting to sell us all a phone battery pack.

Gemma showing off her selling skills during our team building game



selling items for game

Selection of items for the team to sell during our game