10 X 10 Team Building Fun at Celtic Careers – Heads Up!

Team Building Game This Week – Heads Up!

What a great laugh we had with this game. Download it to your phone for only €1.09.  It was created by the US talk show star Ellen DeGeneres. The best thing about this game is that everyone’s walls come down and you see another side to your colleagues-  silly, competitive, imaginative! This is such a great icebreaker for a new team and an effective bonding game for more established teams. The best way to get an idea of how to play this game is just to watch a video of people playing, check out the link below! Look out for a clip of our video which will be released in a few weeks’ time and which will feature a compilation video of all 10 x 10 games.

Actor, Owen Wilson playing Heads Up the Ellen De Generes show


 How to Play

Open up the app and choose a category. There are loads to choose from; Superstars, Act It Out, Blockbuster Movies, Animals Gone Wild, Accents & Impressions and much more. The guessing individual then puts their phone to their forehead with the screen facing to their team. Their partner or team members then have to give the guesser clues as to what’s on the screen by either doing an impression, an accent, an animal noise, whatever you like but don’t say what’s on the screen! If you guess correctly, you tilt the phone downwards and If you want to pass, flip the phone upwards. The great thing about this game is that the app not only keeps an account of scores but also records the fun for you.

The Benefits of Team Building

With the growth of a realisation in the importance of mental health, I believe that team building games and activities tie in very well with this in order to strengthen morale, trust and happiness within the workplace. In past decades and even up until recently, the workplace was viewed as an environment that required a stern boss, strict targets and compliance with set rules. Moving into the 21st century and with the emergence of the funky, colourful and fun Google office environment, the culture has shifted towards an encouragement of free thinking, creativity and a levelling off of the typical hierarchal structures. We are learning that team building and some light fun in the office leads to innovation, a boost in productivity and lower levels of staff turnover. So what are you waiting for? Organise a team building slot today for your office. You won’t regret it!


team building games

Team Building Game at Celtic Careers Office with founder Deirdre Moore getting involved too