10 x 10 Team Building Fun at Celtic Careers – The Lie Detector

Team Building – Much More Than Some Office Fun

When I was growing up, as part of the pre iPhone era, we enjoyed playing outside, using our imaginations and interacting;  rounders, red rover, hide and seek, hopscotch, skipping.  No matter what we played, it was the best way to have fun and pass the time. Unbeknownst to us, we improved our communications skills, cooperation, creativity, confidence, respect, happiness, cultural awareness and responsibility. Into adulthood, we generally view games as something for children to do, but how wrong we are! All of the vital life and work skills mentioned above are still greatly enhanced through games or as we refer to them in the corporate world as, “team building”. We at Celtic Careers have decided to put this idea into motion and start a 10-week taster of team building.

10 x 10 – How it works

Everyone on the team enters their ideas for a 10-minute team building activity/game into a shared location. From this, the facilitator of the team building event picks out 10 games, one to be played each week.
Learnings from the activity are recorded and fed back to the team, thus further solidifying the team bonding and interaction.

Activity No. 1 – The Lie Detector

Being a small office, we had great fun with 6 of us split into 2 groups for this activity.
Each participant had to come up with 3 pieces of information about themselves (one to be untrue).
The competition begins with spotting the lie. Opposing team members must huddle together to figure out which statement is a lie.
A point is awarded to a team when a correct lie is spotted.
From wanting to be a spice girl to having only 4 toes on one foot, there were loads of laughs had and we may have gotten carried away and gone over the 10 mins a little.
All the team found this to be a good way to get to know other team members and their personalities and individual sense of humour.

Tune in next week for instalment no. 2 of our 10 x 10 Team Building  Fun at Celtic Careers.

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