10 X 10 Team Building Fun at Celtic Careers – Drawing Patterns

Drawing Patterns

It’s amazing how difficult it is to draw a relatively simple image just from memory. We tend to revert to the mental age we were when we last drew that image. As you will see from our efforts in the office during the week, that ranges from anywhere between age 3 to age 10.

Heading into 2019, we pick up where we left off from last year and start our 5th activity which brings us to halfway through our 10X10 Team Building Activity Initiative. This time we get creative and in the process get to know each other a little better through each others’ drawing patterns.

Aim Of The Game

Each person in your group must guess which other group member drew a specific picture. The person who guesses most pictures correctly is the winner.

What You Will Need 

5 pages of blank paper for each person in the group
Sellotape or Bluetack

How To Play 

  1. Each person in the group is given 5 sheets of blank paper.
  2. The person facilitating the game calls out a simple image which all the group must draw in 60 seconds. Eg. Draw a dog.
  3.  Once everyone has their picture drawn, each group member must put their name on the top of the sheet in big letters.
  4. These pictures are then stuck up on the wall.
  5. The facilitator then continues to ask the group to draw 4 other images on the other 4 sheets of paper that they have.
  6. The facilitator then collects all the pictures and each person must guess who drew each picture based on the first pictures that were drawn.

Team Building is a great way to get to know your colleagues a little better and to bond in a non-work-related atmosphere. The best thing about this game was that while we were all built up to compete with each other, it just ended in laughs. Sometimes to learn what’s important, we really do just have to tap into the child in us, which when we got started on this activity, happened very naturally!

No these are not nursery school drawings… Drawing attempts by the gang at Celtic Careers. No drawing competitions were entered subsequently

The gang at Celtic Careers having a bellyful laugh at each other’s drawings during team building activity no. 5


Keep updated on our Team Building Activities and get some fun ideas which you can try in your own office. Next week we will be doing a calmer relaxing activity. If you have any interesting games for us to try out, pop us an email to info@celticcareers.com


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