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  • Submit your CV (have a look at our CV Top Tips) and apply directly to any of our vacancies advertised here on the site.
  • Your CV will be screened for suitability for current vacancies based on the client’s specific requirements and expectations.
  • You will receive a response.
  • If you meet the criteria we will contact you for a short telephone screening and an invitation will be made to a very worthwhile face-to-face interview with Celtic Careers if mutually agreed.
  • You need to treat the interview with us as your first interview as we will shortlist all candidates to be put forward to our clients based on your CV and your interview with Celtic Careers.
  • At this interview we will learn about you, your background, experience, qualifications and interests. What types of positions you are looking for, what’s the best location for you, what type of manager you are seeking to work with, your salary expectations and all the important information we need to place you in the right position.
  • We will seek your permission prior to sending your CV to any client and conducting reference checks
  • You will receive feedback in relation to the applications we have made on your behalf.
  • You will get advice and support at every point in the process.